Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NOT Forgotten September

In September, I had the lovely opportunity to guest post at David Jakubiak's Recession Kitchen blog. So technically, I did blog in September! Just not here. Check it out at: to read about why I served chocolate chip cookies at my book launch party for Shattered at the Magic Tree Bookstore this past Saturday!

The party was divine, if I could just be totally honest. Thank you to Iris at Magic Tree and the rest of her staff for hosting us. I said that day and I'll tell you now, it's one of my favorite places in Oak Park. If you live far away and can't go there in person, go there online: It meant so much to me to get to be in that store signing my book for people.

Cafe Winberie's served up some amazing chocolate chip cookies. And there were a bunch left over and my family and I have been munching away on those ever since. Every time I eat a cookie, it takes me back to those few incredible hours at my book launch party.

Thank you to all of the lovely people who came and stood in line to get a book signed! My mother, Carol, my sisters--Paula, Lisa and Joey, my neices--Hallie, Maddie and Zadie, my nephew, Freddie, and my brother-in-law, Craig W. came in for it. They're from Ohio and New York. My very good friend, Brenda and her daughter from Ohio were there. My babysitter, Dana, was even there! And my catsitter, Debbie. Then there were lots of other friends--from my son's elementary school--Adriana, Mike and Liz, Leigh, and Lynda; and baseball--Carol, Anastasia, and Lorelei; and our temple--Marsha and Kathy; and the Wallenfeldts and John Chaplain. Members of my writing group were there: Julia, Martha, Cynthia and Elizabeth. Occupational Therapy colleagues were there: Kris, Marcia and Dorianne. My hair stylist, Pasquale of Snip City, came. (Thanks for the great hair and the flowers!) My neighbors were all there--up and down the street--Julie, Terry, Don and Laura; and Wendy, who lives behind me. Mike was there, who is currently painting my house. My husband's co-workers came. Members of my cookie-baking party group were even there, the Fabers and the Bairds! My son's friends were there--Mauro, Dillon, Charley and Camilla. Also, members of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators--Pam Todd, Stephanie Kuehnert, and Lisa Bierman. Jenny Capelli--who let me ask her a ton of violin questions during the writing of the book--she was there. And her student, Rachel Brade performed and I was so moved, I cried. And there were some new faces and I am glad I got to meet you! And of course, my wonderful husband, David, and son, Dan, they have been there through it all. BIG hugs to ALL of you.

My wonderful high school friend, Dave Evans, and his family surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. So they were with me in spirit. My sweet author friend, Julia Buckley posted a picture from that day on her blog at Check it out! You can see the lovely flowers, the cool bookstore, and me signing.

My son, Dan, made a playlist of all the music mentioned in the book. We played it while I signed. It made me smile to get to listen to all that violin music that day. Thanks, Dan!

As you can probably tell, I am still floating in a cloud of love and joy. I really loved sharing my book with everyone and I truly hope you enjoy Shattered.