Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going to college

We found out that my son, Dan, is assigned to move into his dorm at DePaul U. on Sunday, August 29th. Seeing this date on the page makes it so real that he's going. And turns these last days of summer ultra precious. I want to take each chance--a minute or long hours--to enjoy his presence in our house. Until he goes, I want to make sure I don't waste any time while he still lives with us. There's still time to savor his childhood. To be a family under one roof.

I love being surrounded by his teen-aged life--having his friends drop in, eating our food. Hanging out in ballparks, watching him play baseball. Watching baseball games on TV together. Him sleeping until 1:00 PM. Him texting, buying video games, going out to play putt-putt. I even want to appreciate his messy room. And how he forgets to do his chores; and how I nag him.

It's been a grand run, these last 18 years. I'm proud of him. Excited he's going to college. That he gets to go on this incredible journey.

It will be so quiet when he goes. So for now, I want to enjoy his noise.