Friday, May 27, 2011

A Challenge for Writers

Here's a question for you: What makes a good writer?

Each writer has to discover this for herself, which is half the fun of doing it. I think that what makes a good writer is taking the time to truly live your life. By being present. By experiencing whatever it is that you're doing, wherever you are, and paying attention to the five senses.

Think about it--

By seeing, really seeing the orangy-red in that hibiscus blooming on the tree on the way to the beach, and

by hearing the actual chords to that song on your I-pod, and

by feeling that cool breeze on your arm when you left the house and forgot your jacket after lunch and

by tasting your favorite ice cream, really tasting the crunching of the mega chocolate chips mixed in with the smooth, chilly chocolate, and finally,

by smelling the salt in the air

--you've got the stuff that makes up a good sentence about a story set at the beach!

The senses focus a writer to get detailed and poetic and interesting. It's what brings a character, a setting, a point of view to life for the reader.

I challenge you, go ahead, live your life. To the fullest. And become your best writer self that you can be!