Friday, June 19, 2009

On Reading: Dick and Jane, Spot and Puff

It's vivid--my memory of sitting in Sister Dismas's classroom at St. Agnes School in Orrville, Ohio--learning to read. My eyes saw the words on the page and the words popped in my brain. Like the book was the key, and my eyes turned that key. Suddenly, I was going for a ride. A ride all by myself for the first time! I no longer had to rely on my mom to read to me. There they were: Dick and Jane, Spot chasing Puff. And on and on to other books. Amelia Bedelia made me laugh so much with her funny interpretations of Mrs. Rogers' directions.

Summers were spent going and coming from Orrville Public Library, with stacks of books. I still have my page from the summer reading program. For each book you read, you got to put a sticker of an apple on the tree. I filled my tree with apples and felt so proud. But even moreso, I was having the time of my life going places with all those characters.

Recently, I just finished reading my ARC (advanced reader copy) of my book. Only 4 small things to change. Then it will go into production. September 28, 2009 is the release date. Cassie, the main character, goes on her own special journey. I hope readers will come along!

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  1. I remember Sister Dismas--first classroom on the left after the stairs! She taught first and second grade combined. I guess we go back a few years, huh, Kathi?

    I also remember the summer reading program at the Orrville library. (Remember the children's section downstairs?) I used to cheat. I would bring home the maximum number of books we were allowed to check out, and whether I read them or not, I would add a sticker for each book to the tree. I discovered Laura Ingalls Wilder and The Hardy Boys--an odd combination.

    I'm looking forward to reading Shattered!