Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seeing Baseball

Everywhere I go, people are saying the same thing: "I'm tired of winter." As I write this, it's a cloudy gray day. It was snowing earlier. More of the same. But I saw the best thing over the weekend. ESPN is covering spring training. I was sick and bored and flipping channels. What a beautiful sight it was to see Red Sox players standing on green green grass wearing shades. They were just throwing but it gave me a jolt of hope.

That was a shot of pitchers and catchers only. Today, the whole team reports. It's a fantasy of mine to become one of those fans that heads to Florida to watch spring training. Travel all over the Grapefruit League, watching teams get ready for the season. I can just about remember what sun feels like when I daydream that!

The new MLB season is just about 6 weeks off. I guess I should get back to that unfinished novel of mine or do those house projects, because once the season begins, I confess, I'm not all that productive. I do feel a bit more energetic after seeing video of some great pitchers. We can make it!

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